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Leadercast 2014 – “Become a Leader Worth Following”Leadercast 2014

Here are 22 nuggets of insight and wisdom from Andy Stanley and Dr. Henry Cloud.

Andy Stanley – Becoming a “Beyond You Leader”

1. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I have to make all the decisions.

2. Start saying, “You decide.”

3. We celebrate generosity but we envy accumulation.

4. Work for your team. “What can I do to help?”

5. My responsibility is not to fill anybody’s cup.

6. Look for opportunities to fill other people’s cups.

7. One of the most empowering things you can do is to empty your cup.

8. Start leading before you are the boss.

9. If your leadership isn’t all about you it will live beyond you.

10. If your leadership is all about you it will not live on in any other way than as a bad example of leader.

Henry Cloud

11. A leader leaves a wake behind them in every interaction.

12. Your wake affects results and relationships.

13. Trust is vital for influence

14. Are you for me or against me? Leaders fail by falling on middle ground.

15. You build trust to the degree that people you lead feel you are connected to them.

16. The human heart wants to be known and understood.

17. You understand your people when they understand that you understand.

18. What is the big reason why you do what you do?

19. Opportunity always comes where passion and what you’re good at changes lives in some way.

20. If your influence is going to go past you there must be something in you to go past you.

21. What you have control of drives results.

22. Leaders must be able to give up control.

APPLICATION: Which is your favourite statement?

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