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2021 has been the most challenging yet (lol), but on the flip side of hardship is learning, authenticity, growth, and reward. God is good! Abbey Martin

Meet Abbey

Abbey Martin is a pastor, leader, entrepreneur, artist, communicator, dreamer, justice warrior, and owns a wicked sense of humour. She doesn’t pine for the platform but when she is on it she owns it. Abbey inspires you to be thoughtful and become a better human.

She’s a Class of 2020 graduate of Vanguard College and provides stellar leadership as the Students Pastor at Life Church, Edmonton.

Abbey leads leaders at:

The Refuge – a Friday night gathering for Jr and Sr highs

Sidedoor Drop-in Centre – for students; operating four afternoons a week and provides every student with a hot meal, every day.

She is the founder of A R, a small business featuring calligraphy, photography, design and most other things creative.

On her 23rd b-day she recorded 22 lessons learned. There’s gold in these insights.

22 Lessons From 22 Trips Around The Sun

1. Check engine lights are not a suggestion.

2. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place.

3. Hot girls set boundaries.

4. There’s a difference between “getting over” and completing your grief.

5. Growth and change are painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

6. You don’t have to go for the ghost pepper chips. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone because in reality you’re sitting alone watching the Bachelor while your mouth is on fire and your eyes are tearing up.

7. Therapy can be a helpful tool if you’re willing to be vulnerable and put in the work.

8. There’s a @kingskaleidoscope song for every occasion.

9. You’re allowed to have a pity party when life gets hard. But only invite a few people and keep it short.

10. In order to weaken your toxic feelings you have to bring them to the surface.

11. Success is ultimately measured by faithfulness.

12. If you’re going on a road trip maybe don’t listen to the @maverickcitymusic Juneteenth album because you’ll get a lil teary (jk a lot teary).

13. God is not predictable. But He is faithful.

14. God desires to meet you in your mess. There’s no point in pretending like you have it all together.

15. Accountability is necessary; for the sake of yourself and those you influence. A tough conversation now could prevent a fall from grace later.

16. There is no right way to be black.

17. Obedience trumps comfort.

18. I am allowed to take up space.

19. Holiness is worth fighting for.

20. I can only assume appropriate responsibility.

21. Intent matters.

22. God won’t heal what you don’t reveal.

There is truly so little that I have control over. And that is a good thing because time and time again God’s way proves to be much better than mine.

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