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Joy is more than a word on a Christmas ornament. Its a 365 days of the year source of strength.

Much more than a mere emotion, joy is not happiness on steroids. Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of your life.

12 Insights To Joy

1. Joy is a choice. The choice to “rejoice.”

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” Henri J.M. Nouwen

2. Joy does not mean feeling good all the time. Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life.

3. Joy is the result of applied faith. You can persevere and sustain hope no matter what, through faith in Jesus Christ.  “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” (Luke 2:10, NIV)

4. Joy is transcendent, enduring, and is a heart attitude.

5. “The LORD is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts Him. I was helped, my heart rejoiced…” (Psalm 28:7, CEB)

6. Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.

7. “…the joy from the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10, CEB)

8. Joy multiplies when it is shared among friends.

9. “I like joy; I want to be joyous. I want to make others happy.” Doris Day

10. “A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives with joy.” Mother Teresa

11. “…think of the various tests you encounter as occasions for joy. After all, you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance. Let this endurance complete its work so that you may be fully mature, complete, and lacking in nothing. (James 1:2-4, CEB)

12. “Peace is joy at rest, and joy is peace on its feet.” Anne Lamott

Good And Bad

Both good and bad things are going to happen to you in your life.

Good and bad things happen to everybody.

Some people are good at finding the miserable things in life, and some are good at finding the joy.

Be a joy finder.

APPLICATION: Choose joy. You will be surprised by the power of joy you experience. Please leave a comment below. Joy to you.

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Bob Jones

Happily married to Jocelyn for 43 years. We have two adult sons, Cory and his wife Lynsey and their son Vinnie and daughter Jayda; Jean Marc and his wife Angie and their three daughters, Quinn, Lena and Annora. I love inspiring people through communicating, blogging, and coaching. I enjoy writing, running, and reading. I'm a fan of the Double E, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Pats. Follow me on Twitter @bobjones49ers


  • Harriett Hastman says:

    Great article on Joy. My personal “Christmas Theme” is Joy. I am not always able to maintain being joyful, but through my Faith, it is always available to me.
    Thank You P.B.

  • bob jones says:

    Great theme for your Christmas, Harriett! Joy isn’t always easy to have but its real and applied faith is the key that unlocks joy. Thanks!

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