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Kharkiv: Stories From Ukraine

In the beginning of the invasion, when Russian troops were located right outside Kharkiv, they were firing all kinds of artillery shells into the city day and night. Cluster, shrapnel, you name it. It was horrific. (more…)
Bob Jones
November 8, 2023
Life Stories


Inside Commonwealth Stadium the Edmonton Eskimos football team were racking up their sixth straight loss of the season. That was bad enough. Outside Commonwealth, one man went on a Saturday night rampage leaving a police officer and four pedestrians injured. An ISIS flag was found in his vehicle. (more…)
Bob Jones
October 5, 2017


The November 13th attacks on Paris were nothing less than murderous criminality. The perpetrators were not soldiers - they were cowardly thugs who ruthlessly attacked defenseless civilians with automatic weapons and bombs. People of conscience stand numbed by the heinous nature of this depraved atrocity. In a matter of minutes, over 500 people were killed, critically wounded or injured at five separate sites. My wife and I were first-time guests to Paris' hospitality this year, visiting close to these locations. SYMPATHETIC LIGHTS Just before midnight on the 13th the lights of the Eiffel Tower were turned off in respect for the dead. In sympathetic response the icons, towers and places of culture and commerce of the word's major cities began…
Bob Jones
November 15, 2015