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Life Stories


Holding yourself together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart - that's true strength. Kristen Fersovitch was one of the strongest women I know. (more…)
Jones Bob
May 18, 2019


The most famous photograph from Brandon Stanton’s book, Humans of New York: Stories is of a boy in an open black bubble jacket. The world learned that the most influential person in Vidal’s life was Nadia Lopez, his principal at Mott Hall. A feature on Lopez’s devotion to her students yielded Vidal and Lopez a meeting with President Obama, in the Oval Office. This series of events - from photograph to popular phenomenon - is in many ways a perfect realization of the ethos of stories. Everybody's Got A Story Like New York, there's a ton of great stories at North Pointe. The stories are too wonderful to keep to ourselves. Combine the stories with the skilled photographers in the…
Bob Jones
July 10, 2016

Top 3 Posts of October 2014

THANK YOU readers, for being a fan and for passing on the word about Pointes of View. Pointes of View has grown from 1,614 monthly views in October 2013 to over 10,000 monthly views in October 2014. That's because of YOU. Here are the Top 3 Posts from October 2014. Please tweet this link or share it on your FB page with friends who would benefit from the content you have enjoyed. The Top 3 Posts From October 2014. #1 -  "You Can't Out Give God: Matt and Hannah's Story" Matt and Hannah Kaup are newly married with a baby daughter. Like most young Canadian couples their cash flow is limited. However, they have found a way to sponsor not…
Bob Jones
November 5, 2014