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8 Habits of a Healthy Soul Part 1

I know what it's like to wake up around 4:00am feeling "soul sick" with anxiety. Its an irrational feeling that I'm going to fail or I forgot to do some vital thing the day before or there is so much to do today that I'll never do it all. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 7, 2022


Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Overscheduled. Sound familiar? Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt. Today’s velocity of life can consume and control us. That’s where the danger lies: When we spend our lives doing things that keep us busy but don’t really matter, we sacrifice the things that do. Pastor Bill Hybels says, "Simplified living requires more than just organizing your closets or cleaning out your desk drawer. It requires uncluttering your soul." You CAN stop doing the stuff that doesn't matter and build your life on the things that do matter. 10 Simplifying Transitions 1. FROM RESTLESS TO FULFILLED - Examine and refine my working world. 2. FROM WOUNDED TO WHOLE - Forgive. 3. FROM ANXIOUS TO PEACEFUL - Face my…
Bob Jones
February 2, 2015