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Life Formation

Do It Now in 2023

Clement Stone began as a shoeshine boy and became a multimillionaire. He credits his success to three words: Do It Now. He required everyone who worked for him to write those words on index cards and post them in their work area. (more…)
Bob Jones
December 27, 2022
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Its My Life or Is It?

Traveling south, I encountered a funeral procession heading north. Our local “greatest hits” FM station was playing on my car radio. Ironically, the song playing on the radio was Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” Reality interfaced with entertainment.  (more…)
Bob Jones
March 22, 2022


There's never a bad time to QUIT doing things that are draining the life out of you and START doing things that will get your life back. Like - stop waiting for the perfect moment to start and get going. Now. So what are you waiting for? 8 Things To Quit (Before Its Too Late) Quit: 1. Trying to please everyone. 2. Fearing change. 3. Living in the past. 4. Overthinking. 5. Being afraid to be different. 6. Beating yourself up over mistakes. 7. Thinking you're not good enough. 8. Thinking you have no purpose. Start Something Good Giving up is not in my nature. Feeling like giving up is. More often than I care to admit. Quit any the…
Bob Jones
February 7, 2018


Beginning with the end in mind isn’t so much about goal setting, it’s more like painting a picture of what your year will look like from the end backwards. Try it. Close your eyes and envision yourself looking back on your 2016, what do you see? What would you want said about your life as a result of how you lived? ONE WORD At North Pointe we're following a process borrowed from our friends at “OneWord365” For the past five years we've selected ONE WORD to prophetically shape the coming year. Our words have been: "REACH," "AWAKEN," "COURAGEOUS," and "HOPE." What ONE WORD would you want summing up your year? Your ONE WORD Your WORD - it can be a…
Bob Jones
January 6, 2016


Resolutions can make a big difference in your life – even if you don’t do a perfect job sticking with them. And resolutions aren't just for January. They work in August, or September or whenever you apply them. Powerful changes tomorrow start with positive choices today. Which of these nine choices will rise to the top for you? 9 Resolutions Worth Making 1. Cut Others Some Slack Say "yes" to being offended less and reserving your anger for issues that really matter. 2. Cut Yourself Some Slack When you mess up, drop the ball or let people you care about down, do what you can to make it right, but be quick to move on and show yourself the same…
Bob Jones
December 30, 2015