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Turnaround Coaching With Deion Sanders

Probably the only group of people in the country who believed the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team could come down to Texas and knock off the 2022 national championship runners-up were coach Deion Sanders and his 86 players. (more…)
Bob Jones
September 2, 2023


Before sitting down with the media to share her incredible journey, from survivor to advocate, silence to speech, she had something else to do. Something that, for eighteen years, had been unthinkable for Brenda Tracy. She snapped a photo with Coach Mike Riley. And she was smiling. Three Haunting Words When I read the words "coach Mike Riley" "rape" and "hate" in the same sentence in a National Post article I couldn't believe it. Riley is a good guy, a good coach. Where was this coming from? Back in 1998, when Tracy was 24, she was gang-raped by four football players. Two of her attackers played for Oregon State University. When the charges were dropped, and the players received nothing more than a one-game…
Bob Jones
July 9, 2017