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Rising Strong: Bob, Jocelyn And Brene Brown

We were young and newly married - not just the "honeymoon stage - the literal honeymoon. Jocelyn and I spent the first eighty five days of our marriage preparing for and then serving on a missions assignment in Northern Ontario. The ministry was hard. Fatigue and discouragement got to us. We failed to finish our assignment. We quit. Falling And Rising Bags packed and seat-belted in for the milk-run on a Bearskin Airlines Metroliner, more than our stomachs were upset. We left Attawapiskat on James Bay with heads down. Never had we failed like this before. We let down our missions director. We let ourselves down. Looking back, Brené Brown's book, Rising Strong would have been the perfect tonic for…
Bob Jones
October 2, 2021


It’s hard to feel strong when you’re staring failure in the face. Maybe you’ve lost a job, had to close a business, or been told that your brilliant idea won’t work. You feel like a complete failure. But I have news for you: It’s what you do next that counts. Next Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” In other words, the one thing mentally tough people never do is give up just because they failed. Sometimes you think everyone is great at doing life or business or ministry, except you.  The truth is, we all fail. Mining Failure For Gain The key is discovering lessons you can learn from your failures. Here's…
Bob Jones
February 2, 2015

Why Falling Only Makes Us Stronger

Overcoming falls and setbacks enroute to success is the stuff of Olympic champions. Coupling that with the influence of a mom on the journey is the stuff of life. Moms and success is why P & G produced their 2014 Olympic ad, "Thank You Mom." Its already had over 20 million views on YouTube. Each time I've watched the video I can't help but think of how moms have shaped champions through their everyday interactions with their children. In the moment, kids have no way of appreciating the way a mom can allow pain or even bring pain for their greater good. The message makes me think of how God has interacted with my life. (Skip to the video below…
Bob Jones
February 25, 2014