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The plan is to have a plan by the end of September.” Melissa Lotholz

Melissa Lotholz

That’s what Melissa Lotholz has been telling people when they ask about the upcoming winter. “I am currently waiting on more info. And, the people we are waiting on are waiting on other people for more info. There’s a lot ‘up in the air’ right now. The season might be delayed, reduced or even cancelled. Heck, the Olympics next winter may even get cancelled.”

Melissa Lotholz is a Canadian Olympian from Barrhead, Alberta. Melissa is a pilot in the women’s bobsleigh event – that say’s it all about her skill level and courage. And like all of us, COVID put a crimp in her plans for the future. What I love about Melissa is how she chose to control what she could, improvise and be faithful to her training process.

She wrote this post in September 2020. Today, she is in China getting ready for the 2022 Olympics.

Whatever you are processing – parenting, teaching, leading, pastoring – Melissa’s insight is gold-medal good.

So, Why Train?

I admit that some days my motivation feels pretty lean. However, in this time I am reminded again and again that I am called to the process not the outcome. The outcome – pandemic or not – was never in my control. I am called to be a steward. To do and make the best of what I have. To be faithful. Consistent. Through. And then, to let it go.

It’s kinda like climbing a mountain: It is hard work and perseverance. It is commitment to the path before you. It can lead a magnificent view. But that view is not something you manufacture by sheer will, and when it’s time you leave it there at the top and move on. More than anything it’s a journey.


This morning, I was reading the story of Ezekiel in the Bible and was again reminded of the concept of “stewardship”. You see, Ezekiel was called to talk to the people of Israel “whether they listen or fail to listen” (Ez 2:7). As frustrating as that would be, to have something to say and no one to listen… to share words of warning only to watch people carry on full steam ahead to their downfall… Ezekiel’s role wasn’t to ensure he was heard and that his words were followed, it was to be faithful to speak.

In the same way, as much as at times it may seem nonsensical right now, I feel like it is my role to train… to be faithful to prepare… whether there is a season or not. Whether there will be an Olympics or not. To determine or muster up those things is not in my scope. My role is to train. And I trust that in faithfulness there will be other rewards built up in and around me along the way.

On The Ice

After Labour Day, I am planning on heading on down to Calgary to start icehouse training in preparation for our team testing camp and the upcoming season. Due to the need to create and implement health protocols regarding facility use this is a lot later than anticipated and much, much later than usual (the icehouse usually is open in July!), but it is what it is. Either way, it will be great to finally get back on ice, get my hands on a sled, practice my push start and work on team timing with some of the girls.


If you feel tired or weary in pursuit of your goal, may I encourage you to join me in choosing “stewardship” and “faithfulness” in this season! Let me know what you are doing to choose “stewardship” and any unexpected rewards or wisdom you have learnt along the way by replying to this email!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Melissa it was great to hear you on the piano in church yesterday. Know that we are Championing you and all your endeavors. So glad we are on the same team. Praying for you.
    The Kristels

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