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Amidst the devastation of Russia’s invasion there are good news stories in Ukraine. Loads of love will always make a difference.


This is Natasha and her beautiful granddaughter Milana.

Natasha works as a teacher in kindergarten and helps with children’s ministry at her church. At the end of August, Milana was rushed to hospital with her mother and the doctors found that Milana had a severe case of blood poisoning (sepsis).


On the first day of school, Loads of Love sent out word about the need for volunteers for a huge children’s program at an orphanage. Natasha told her pastor that she couldn’t help because of her work, but then immediately felt the Holy Spirit telling her to go.

Natasha thought her director would definitely say no, but surprisingly, when Natasha asked her, she said, “Wow, that’s awesome, yes, we’ll find a way to fill in for you.”

That evening, after the amazing day at the orphanage, her daughter (Milana’s mom) called Natasha and said the doctors had released them – because Milana was miraculously healed that day!


Ed Dickson receives lots of testimonies like Pavel. He is 57. He connected with a church that Loads of Love helps support in Ukraine.

“Somehow, through it all, I ended up empty and alone. Even though I had a family. It just got so bad, I wanted to end my life. But God rescued me from that and I heard there is a church in our area where everyone is accepted. I went and I’m so glad I did! These people helped me not only with food, but also spiritually and mentally. And now I want to live, and live well, and do good!

Thank you so much everyone!”

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