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The number one problem for Ukraine is Russia. Number two is psychological health and dealing with PTSD.

The Vulnerable and the Helpful

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has exposed the whole of Ukrainian society to battle shock. For Ukraine, the crisis won’t end when the war does.

Inna Davydenko is a mental health specialist at the City Center of Neurorehabilitation in Kyiv. Davydenko says, “Number one problem for Ukraine is Russia; number two is psychological health.”

Health officials identified as being most vulnerable: war veterans and children. Who will most likely be able to help others? Teachers, parents, and pastors. The stories I heard while in Ukraine was that soldiers were open to talking with people who were not professional psychologists but who were empathetic. Caring people who would listen without judgment. Who better than Christian pastors and congregants?


Millions of Ukrainians are suffering the mental health implications of two years of Russian bombs and shells. That relentless stress, and the trauma of losing family, friends, and colleagues on the front, has taken its toll.

A poll by the city of Kyiv’s government in 2023 found that 80 percent of residents reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Almost every person has somebody who was injured or died during the war or lost their home or lost their health.


Dealing with the mental health impacts of the invasion will be vital to keep society resilient, functioning, and committed enough to repel the invaders. It’s also the key to Ukraine’s postwar recovery, laying the groundwork now for a society that can rebuild itself physically and psychologically from the horrors of war.

The country’s recovery depends on building systems to help treat the trauma.

As Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities, “It was a time of hope and it was a time of despair.” There is hope for Ukraine.

Carolyn is last on the left

Carolyn Garton has been living in a Ukrainian village – Novobrats’ke, Kherson Region since February 2023. It’s located just south of President Zelensky’s home town of Kryvyy Rih.

She is purchasing and renovating abandoned homes in the community to serve as recovery centres for soldiers suffering from PTSD and addictions.

In January 2024, the Director of Villages in her area graciously helped Carolyn to be able to visit the homes and families of 37 soldiers. The purpose of the visits: To honor and thank those standing for Ukraine’s freedom, and recognize the great sacrifices made by their families on Ukraine’s behalf. She was met with much gratitude and tears of appreciation.


They were able to bring gifts to each home, with birthday cake and candles to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the only One who can truly save Ukraine. Each candle represented blessings of protection, provision, healing, peace, faith – declared over each home and family member.

A candle would be lit, and families asked to make a wish before blowing it out. In every home – the wish was the same – for the war to end in Ukraine!

To all those who stand with Ukraine, “Let us not grow weary in doing good , for at the proper time we will reap a harvest IF we don’t give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

Support Carolyn’s work by going to Loads of Love. Apply your donation to WRR Ukraine Jones and send the message to the charity “Carolyn Garton recovery homes.” Thank you.

Read more here about all the efforts being made to support Ukraine.



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