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The words are a lifeline for surviving Humboldt Bronco players and their families in the wake of the April 6, 2018 bus tragedy. “Always have hope and BELIEVE that everything is possible.”


Sixteen people were killed, and another 13 injured when the bus carrying an SJHL hockey team was struck by a semi-truck that went through a stop sign. The tragedy sent the entire nation into mourning.

Broncos’ Coach Darcy Haugen was selfless, inspirational and motivating, building up his players to be great ambassadors and role models both on the ice and in the community.

His widow, Christina, said, “Every single kid on that bus was an incredible human being because that was the culture he designed and he expected.”

The Core Covenant was written by Darcy for hockey players but their inspiration can be adopted by anyone. They arose out of his sincere faith and his admirable character – the coach every player wanted to play for, and that other coaches wanted to emulate.

Humboldt Broncos Core Covenant

FAMILY first.


Be THANKFUL for the opportunity to wear the Bronco jersey.

PLAY each game and practice with PASSION and DETERMINATION.

Conduct ourselves with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

Treat all volunteers, billets, sponsors and fans with RESPECT and GRATITUDE.

Understand that we are building FOUNDATIONS for future generations with our WORDS and ACTIONS.

Always have HOPE and BELIEVE that everything is possible.

Always GIVE more than you take.

STRIVE for GREATNESS in all areas of life.

Follow Humboldt Broncos updates on the players and families here.

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Please share how the Humboldt players have touched your life in the wake of the terrible tragedy. Thank you. #HumboldtStrong

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Bob Jones

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  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    This story is always heartbreaking to remember. So many lives lost & so many with long-lasting injuries. Hard to believe it has already been 4 years. The phrase comes to mind…”No one is promised tomorrow “. Whether you are young or older, tragedy can strike. I think that the Humboldt Broncos Core Covenant speaks for itself & has some very important values we can all follow. Thank you for this blog Pastor Bob. I always enjoy reading them.

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