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David and Goliath are seen as the classic underdog story. The message take away from the account is that if we try hard enough we can overcome. Anything. Of any size.

But that’s the wrong message.

Giants That Make You Miserable

Just as in David’s day, giant-sized threats will come against you to torment you and make you miserable.

Giants like:






I get stuck on comfort. How could comfort be a giant?

(Spoiler alert: Answer to follow.)

Goliath Must Fall

Louis Giglio in his book, Goliath Must Fall, identifies six giants and encourages you not to allow giants to have power in your life.

And he points out that you are not David in the story.

Giglio uncovers a new found twist in the story of David and Goliath. He shows how living free from your giants is not better slingshot accuracy. He found that out the hard way.

A Giant Called Mental Illness

Eleven years ago Giglio, the pastor of a thriving mega-church, woke up at 2am in a terrifying panic. He describes it as a nervous breakdown, a slippery slide into a pit of anxiety, fear, worry and depression. For days he couldn’t leave the house. The next four months would be spent in a tunnel with no light at the end.

He thought he was going insane.

That’s not good news for a pastor – man of God – mover of mountains.

His mental illness has improved through the use of medication, counselling, prayer and praise. But it is his “thorn” with the risk of reappearing.


Here’s where his life experience is helpful. “Anxiety isn’t a thing. It’s the symptom of a thing and so we have to go a little deeper and ask a question, ‘What is making me anxious?’ I gave too much credit just to anxiety. So I try to help and encourage people to go one step further, to go beneath the surface to ask, ‘What is it that I’m afraid of? Who is it that I’m afraid of? What was said that I wish I could now mange the way it was said?’ I was trying to manage every outcome and I was trying to watch over my shoulder all the time.”

So how can you see Goliath fall?  By keeping your eyes on the only giant-slayer: Jesus. Put your hope in Him, and watch Goliath fall.

If a giant has a stronghold on your life, God is not glorified. That’s why Goliath must fall. David was motivated not only by his own personal freedom but by the glory God would receive if Goliath fell in defeat.


So what about the subject of comfort as a giant?

Faith thrives in discomfort. How big is your comfort zone?

Could comfort be limiting you as a spectator rather than a gladiator in the arena of faith?

You’re looking to make your life count – to make a difference in the world. You’re looking to serve and help people.

Here’s the deal – no one who’s ever done that has had a comfortable life. 

Goliath must fall.


Step out of your comfort zone and read Louis Giglio’s book, Goliath Must Fall. Email me if you would like a reading buddy.

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Bob Jones

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  • Carole says:

    Wow! What a picture in my mind?
    David needed the strength of God.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this bible study, I was blessed by it

  • Kim Crickmay says:

    I am super excited to do this Bible study! I can already relate in that any area of my life where there’s been huge growth has been during times of pain, fear and total discomfort. Then Jesus came through in huge ways and I had victory in ways I never anticipated or dreamed.

  • Bob Jones says:

    So good to know about your enthusiasm. Hope you’ll encourage others to participate with you.

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