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YC 2016 bannerThe most profound moments of YC 2016 were the opening minutes of Friday night. Mike Love – “Mr YC” for twenty two years – welcomed all to Rexall Place – the former home of the Oilers, now “YC Country.” The crowd, in excess of 10,000 under 30’s, punctuated the moment with an approving roar – louder than Connor McDavid’s heard in this hockey barn.

Then it happened.

Mike asked everyone to join him in prayer. At his first words, the place quieted down and then fell silent.

Hear “a-pin-drop-kind” of silent. Quieter than a church.

It was deafening and sacred.

2016-05-28 08.27.19

 YC 2016 bluetree

2016-05-28 08.27.25

YC 2016 youth2016’s Theme: UN1TE.

For over two decades Extreme Dream Ministries led by Mike Love and his dedicated team of volunteers have purposed to see young people connect with Jesus through YC – a three day event featuring amazing times of worship, great speakers, outstanding side stage workshops, and concerts.

They are passionate about seeing youth know God’s love for them, how Jesus can change their lives and get a glimpse of the future He has for them.2016-05-27 21.36.31

YC 2016 ESTMay Your Tribe Increase, Mike

1. Mike is the youngest fifty year old in the world. Yep. Mike doesn’t look fifty but he does act it.

We met in the summer of 1990 serving together on the pastoral staff of Central Tabernacle/North Pointe. He and his wife Donna, were pastors to youth. They liked Mike because he didn’t try to be like them.

For twenty six years Mike has set the standard for youth ministry in Canada. YC’s started up in Manitoba, British Columbia, and Newfoundland. He pioneered Global Youth Mission (GYM) and International YC’s in Belize, Malawai, and the Ukraine.

Mike has not only brought some of the finest worship leaders, vocalists, communicators and crusaders in the Kingdom to Edmonton, he has mentored ministers to youth around the world.

YC 2016 Mike

2. Mike is a Historymaker. Quite frequently in the early 90’s our staff conversations would come back to Mike sharing his dream about holding a Christian event for thousands and thousands of youth at a place that was then known as Northlands – the house that Gretzky built.

Sixteen years ago, Mike’s dream came true and history was made when YC 2000 opened at the new Rexall Place.

Remember 2000? Y2K was marked by the fears of the end of the world. It was also the beginning of a faith inspired event that has attracted nearly 200,000 participants. Many of those credit YC with their first encounter with Jesus or a personal renewing of faith.YC 2016 Mike2

2016-05-27 20.13.36

YC 2016 HOLLE3. Mike garnered a respect for himself and the God he serves. Mike, you have served God in your generation. We’re all grateful for your faithfulness to grace, justice, mercy and the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit.

You have called youth to UN1TE and follow their God-given dream just like you’ve done.

Mike, all you have to do is look around at the myriad of volunteers who have been with you since day one and who travel hundreds of kms from provinces where they now reside just to serve with you to be reminded of how much we love and respect you.

YC 2016 bid farewell to Rexall and a hello to the Centrium in Red Deer for YC 2017.

Here’s to unimaginable influence in the future. May your tribe increase.

Thank you, Mike.YC 2017

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APPLICATION: If you’re a parent of youth or pastor to youth please leave a comment for Mike Love. Thank you.

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  • adena lowry says:

    I have always loved YC, back in the day, and today. I had the opportunity to attend YC Belize one year and led a Belizian boy to Christ. I still think and pray for this boy today. I remember the tears he had as he accepted Christ. Such a beautiful experience. My son went this year for the first time. His first concerts ever! Thank you Mike. May God’s blessing continue as you desire what He desires. I know that this has always been your prayer. Thank you.

  • bob jones says:

    Thank you for sharing those experiences, Adena. You are #YCstrong

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