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Life Stories

Life Stories

When Mom Moved To Alberta

May 19th, 2022, Bob and I were happily celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary. We were flying back to St Albert from a ministry conference in Winnipeg. While waiting to board our plane my phone dinged. There was a message informing me that my 91-year-old Mom was in hospital in emergency with a broken neck. (more…)
Jocelyn Jones
October 27, 2022
Life Stories

Thank You, Ma’am For Everything

The world awakened to a depth of feelings about Queen Elizabeth II when she passed away on September 8th. Queen Elizabeth was loved and admired around the world and in our family. Even those who never cared about the Queen’s life, cared about the Queen’s death. Vanishingly few Britons now remember a pre-Elizabethan age. (more…)
Bob Jones
September 11, 2022