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Being over-the-top “Type A” and borderline obsessive helps a great deal in getting National Geographic to notice you as a photographer.

It’s not enough just to be a great photographer.  You have to be a great photographer and be able to dive under sea ice, spend days in tree stands in the tropics, speak fluent Russian or know Moscow like the back of your hand or be an absolute genius at lighting impossible situations.

Here’s eleven stunning views, courtesy of National Geographic photographers.

Let me know which of the eleven is your favourite.

11 Of Creation’s Most Stunning Views

1. (Above) An abandoned house near Denton, Nebraska, (above) a bruised summer sky crackles with atmospheric electricity. The phenomenon in this composite image—four shots taken within 20 minutes—is often called cloud-to-cloud lightning.
Photograph by Erik Johnson

stunning images52. Tethered to a highline, Tyler Meester, a backpacking guide, traverses a 65-foot span over a precipitous drop in California’s Yosemite National Park. He’s one of many millennials who work in the national parks to be near some of the best hiking and rock climbing.

stunning images73. Steven Donovan, flipping into a pool, took a seasonal job at Glacier to work on his photography skills. He posts to @es_dons.

stunning images84. Former Grand Canyon ranger Amy Martin watches a winter sunrise over a section of the Colorado called Conquistador Aisle. No trails exist along 95 percent of the canyon’s North Rim or along 80 percent of its South Rim. Fewer people have now hiked the canyon’s length in a single trip (10) than have walked on the moon (12). Photograph by Pete McBride

stunning images95. As an evening storm lights up the sky.

Near Wood River, Nebraska, about 413,000 sandhill cranes—tall, bugling, crimson-capped birds—arrive to roost in the shallows of the Platte River, which is fed by the aquifer.
Photograph by Randy Olson, National Geographic
stunning images10
6. Sunset.
stunning images11
7. A peacock by any other name is just as beautiful.

stunning images28. As mist haunts the Black Forest, a sure-footed red fox makes its way up the trunk of a half-fallen Douglas fir tree. This resourceful species, found across the Northern Hemisphere, is a symbol of cunning in many cultures and mythologies.
Photograph by Klaus Echle, Nature Picture Library

stugging images39. Rose-ringed parakeets flap to a roost in London’s Hither Green Cemetery. Thousands of the wild birds live in the city. The trails appear via flash and long exposure.
Photograph by Sam Hobson, Nature Picture Library

STUNNING IMAGES410. Inspired by images on Instagram, Jonathan Farrar and Marty Castro ventured outside and discovered a love for nature and camping. They drove up the West Coast, visiting national parks, including Crater Lake in Oregon, the country’s deepest lake.

stunning images611. Seeking work in nature, some millennials join fire crews, like this one taking a break after setting a backfire at Crater Lake.

Which is your favourite photo? Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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  • Cheryl says:

    All of these pictures are spectacular! As a newbie in hobby photography, I aspire to one day have the ability to capture the essence of God’s creation to a high quality standard. I am learning that it takes 100’s of attempts to get one semi decent picture, so this gallery of photos is over the top. I now have a new benchmark to work towards. After the last couple of years, it would appear it takes a lifetime to learn how to do this.

    God is so awesome in producing natural canvasses for us. Coincidentally, He provided me with opportunities last week that took me way out of my comfort zone. God’s artwork is stunning and overwhelming at the same time. To see His raw beauty can be so overwhelming because of the scope of it all. How could you not want to share this with others? Also being a Type A, I am encouraged.

    Thank you for sharing this gallery. My favorite picture is the abandoned house in Nebraska.

  • bob jones says:

    Hello Cheryl. So glad to know you enjoyed the photos and of your interest in Photography. I get the “100’s of attempts to get one semi-decent picture.” That’s the over the top, Type A needed for excellence. You are not alone. You’re part of a select group that work towards perfection so that others can see beauty. Thanks for commenting!

  • Cheryl says:

    Pastor Bob, respectfully, you neglected to share what you favorite picture is?

  • bob jones says:

    I actually like the one with the tight rope. I have an aversion to heights or maybe its to falling. Seeing him walk across that tight rope is amazing.

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