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Unbroken: The Rest of the Story

Louis Zamperin is a hero worth getting to know. Zamperini survived his B-24 Liberator's crash into the Pacific during WW2. He endured 46 days in a liferaft, was captured by the Japanese, imprisoned on “Execution Island” – a place that every known prisoner had been put to death, was starved, suffered beatings and torture at the hands of sadistic guards for over two years. Angelina Jolie's film version of Louis Zamperini's life graphically depicts the violence he endured. What Jolie misses in a film characterized as her "triumph" is how Louis triumphed over his traumas. His faith story is mostly absent from the film until the end. The closing slide says it all - “After years of severe post-traumatic stress,…
Bob Jones
December 21, 2014