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The Marriage Course


The Vow

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter are a couple who know the power of a promise kept. Less than 10 weeks after their September 1993 wedding ceremony, the Carpenters were in a nightmarish auto accident that badly injured them both and left Krickitt comatose. Though doctors initially doubted she would survive, she rallied, regaining consciousness and, eventually, most of her physical abilities. But the trauma to her brain caused retrograde amnesia, erasing virtually her entire memory of the previous 18 months—including any recollection of the man she had fallen in love with and married. "I lost about a two-year period," Krickitt told Oprah back in 1996. "I was in diapers, and they hand-fed me, and they had to teach me how to…
Jones Bob
March 14, 2014