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shawn michaels


Shawn’s Story: Wrestling For My Life

Shawn Michaels made his career in an industry that often has no basis in reality. It is a world of "the camel clutch," "pile drivers," and "submission holds." In his biography, "Wrestling For My Life" Michaels tells the story of a different kind of submission hold - one that was based in reality. I watched him grapple with the likes of "The Undertaker," "Ravishing Rick Flair," "Triple H" and "Stone Cold Steve Austin" in the WWF and the WWE. Michaels was one of the bad guys - a wrestler and a man people loved to boo - cocky, arrogant and self-centered. He was a self-described addict, drunk and a pill-popper. He lives his life now in the center of reality…
Bob Jones
March 11, 2015