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19 Quotes About Money You Can Take To The Bank

The following quotes about money will open up a richer view of your finances and future. 1. Golden Money Rules i. Give 10%. The first 10% of income is to be given back to God. Don’t mess with this priority. ii. Save 10%. The next 10% is saved for your future. RRSP’s or TFSA’s. iii. Put aside 3 months emergency funds. iv. Don’t go into debt. If you must go into debt, pay it down as soon as you can. v. Delay gratification. Say “no” to impulse spending. Wait 48 hours before buying something of value. Save to buy. vi. Save when the saving is good. Wealth flows from savings, not income. When an unexpected windfall occurs, its important to…
Bob Jones
March 16, 2014