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Jim Collins

Life Formation

7 Questions That Unlock Success

Questions rock. Jim Collins (Good to Great, Great by Choice) says that all the leaders should work to double their question to statement ratio within 12 months. Then double it again in the following 12 months. (more…)
Bob Jones
September 15, 2022


“Do you think that’s an appropriate book to be reading here?” In hindsight she was probably being silly. We took her seriously. The rest is history. Starbucked At Tim Hortons The book? Onward by Howard Shultz, founder of Starbucks. Our Ironman Leadership group had chosen Onward as our next book to be dissected in search of leadership and business principles. The problem? We were reading it at the Tim Hortons where we met for our weekly discussions. At the time NONE of our group were patrons of Starbucks. However, since we were reading a book about Starbucks and now that Tim Hortons might not be the most hospitable place to read such a book, why not visit a Starbucks? Onward…
Bob Jones
December 14, 2016