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end times

Life Formation

Reading Revelation Without Freaking Out

The Book of Revelation is puzzling, difficult to understand, and mysterious. On one hand it promises a blessing for those who read it and yet it has frustrated readers through the centuries. If you feel that way you’re in good company. (more…)
Bob Jones
April 19, 2021


2015 made "ISIS," "radicalized," and "terror" into all too familiar terms. American journalist, James Foley, was one of the Westerners who was murdered by ISIS. Foley had been kidnapped while filming the war in Syria in November 2012. “A world of troubles” was Foley’s aptly named blogsite. A troubled world forces you to think about your future or that of your grandchildren. What kind of future awaits them? Where is the hope for a world of troubles? 6 Ways To Cope 1. Refuse the ostrich syndrome. Putting your head in the sand and hoping everything will be magically better when you take it out won't work. 2. Resist the prophetic shoulder shrug.  "It can't be helped. Its the End Times…
Bob Jones
August 24, 2014