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The last thing you should ever do is tell Lauren Woolstencroft the odds. Lauren has done more in the first sentence of her Wikipedia page than I’ve done in my lifetime. She's an 8 x gold medalist Para-alpine skier. Though retired for ten years, the 2018 Winter Olympics put her courageous story back in the news. Dominant Few Canadian women dominated a sport the way Lauren did alpine skiing. During her 12-year run with the Canadian Para-Alpine ski team she earned more than 50 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Cup wins, eight world championships, and four Crystal Globes for overall success in multiple downhill disciplines. She won two gold medals and a bronze at the 2002 Paralympics in Salt Lake…
Bob Jones
February 11, 2018

Going the Distance

The year was 1983. In Australia, the long-distance foot race from Sydney to Melbourne was about to begin, covering 875 kilometers - more than 500 miles! About 150 world-class athletes had entered, for what was planned as a six-day event. Race officials were startled when a 61-year-old man approached and handed them his entry form. His name was Cliff Young, and his "racing attire" included overalls and galoshes over his work boots. At first, they refused to let him enter. So he explained that he'd grown up on a 2,000-acre farm, with thousands of sheep. His family could afford neither horses nor tractors so, when the storms came, his job was to round up the sheep. Sometimes, he said, it…
Jones Bob
June 29, 2011