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Life Stories

Kharkiv: Stories From Ukraine

In the beginning of the invasion, when Russian troops were located right outside Kharkiv, they were firing all kinds of artillery shells into the city day and night. Cluster, shrapnel, you name it. It was horrific. (more…)
Bob Jones
November 8, 2023
Life Stories

Every Child Wants The Same Thing

As of January 2023, there were 6.2 million internally-displaced people (IDPs) in Ukraine. The United Nations estimates that more than 3.5 million children across the country have "severe to catastrophic levels of needs". (more…)
Bob Jones
November 3, 2023
Life Stories

A Miracle For Natasha Nikolenko

As millions fled Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, those with physical disabilities had to rely on the help of aid organizations to map out their best exit strategy. Natasha Nikolenko was one of those people. (more…)
Bob Jones
November 2, 2023
Life FormationLife Stories


If you are a young woman aged 15 to 25, imagine that you don't travel all that often. Whether you live in a small town, the country, or a big city, your world is your neighborhood and you know pretty much everybody. (more…)
Bob Jones
November 1, 2023
Life Stories

NWT Christmas Kindness

Students of Outreach High School in St Albert kicked off their 2nd NWT Christmas Kindness project in October. In 2022, the students befriended schools and communities in the NWT, making their holidays a bit brighter by gifting them a Christmas box. (more…)
Bob Jones
October 29, 2023
Life Formation

15 Reasons Doing Good Is Good For You

A woman was having terrible difficulty getting through the death of her husband. She said to her physician, “Please give me a prescription to help me with my sadness. Every day I go to the cemetery and I put flowers on my husband’s grave, but it doesn’t help. It simply drives me deeper into grief. Please give me a prescription to ease my pain.” (more…)
Bob Jones
October 17, 2023