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11 Reasons Why Down is The Way Up

“Down” is a word usually reserved for losers and the bear market. “Down” is a word that colors whatever it touches… downfall, downcast, downhill, downhearted, down and out. Down, as the way up, is counter intuitive and counter cultural. Enter - Gilmore Junio. On February 11th, 2014 no one besides his family, coaches and teammates were familiar with his name. On February 12th, 2014 most Canadians knew who he was. Junio, a Canadian Olympic athlete, qualified for the finals in the Men’s 1000-metre speed skating event. He had trained and dreamed of this opportunity for over four years. He gave it up so a teammate, Denny Morrison, could get an opportunity to compete. Why? Because he believed it was in…
Bob Jones
February 12, 2014