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3 Choices for Strength in Suffering

"Suffering" can be an ugly word. Suffering brings to mind shades of pain, discouragement, anger, and darkness. You know all about it. So does God. It is tough to believe that suffering can reveal anything worth knowing. However, in the upside-down, inside-out, way of the Christian faith, suffering produces more than easy living ever could. Suffering has meaning. In the middle of intense affliction your spirit is more open than ever to the outpouring of God’s love into your life. 3 choices for strength in suffering: 1. Choose to cultivate spiritual serenity in spite of chaotic conditions.  "Shaking mountains” and “agitated waters” (Psalm 46:2,3) are figures of speech for the difficulties we face in life. The Psalmist was inspired to…
Bob Jones
October 5, 2013