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Holidays Posts


Here’s to all the mothers who’ve endured sports they don’t enjoy (or fully understand), hard seats and dirty cleats, frozen hands and numbed cheeks, aches and pains and grassy stains, just to be with a son or daughter in the arena of competition. Mothers: they see life through biased eyes. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 8, 2019


Eric Samuel Timm may look like an unusual choice as a speaker for a women's event but here's why any woman and especially moms would want to hear to him: put 10,000 teenagers in a hockey arena; add one, buff, mid-western American communicator; stir passionately for thirty five minutes and you get something just short of a every mom's answer to prayer. Teenagers LISTEN to him. They learn from him, laugh with him and believe what he has to say about Jesus. On Friday night at YC 2016, Eric used a banana, a can of Coke, a straw, cupcakes, Saran Wrap and a wheel barrel to light up the darkness and communicate faith. When Eric asked youth at YC 2016…
Bob Jones
May 28, 2016