My name is Mohammed Tahir Nagiff and I was born and raised in a Muslim family. I was devoted to my Muslim faith and prayed and fasted all the time. Then things began to change.

Seeking Allah

Not long ago I was going through a lot of family problems, so I began to pray with desperation. I remember praying in Arabic and wondered what I was praying (as I don’t understand Arabic). I wasn’t sure if my prayers were being heard. This bothered me and I talked to a friend about it.

My friend suggested I go to North Pointe Community Church to get help from a pastor.

Shortly afterwards I met Pastor Bob Jones and told him my story and what I was going through. In our meeting he prayed for my wife, my son and me.

We met Pastor Bob a few more times. On one visit I asked him, “How do you connect with God?” He said to come to God as you are, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, and once you have done that you will find God.

Finding Jesus

I wasn’t convinced, but he gave me book to read called, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. Wow! What a wonderful book! It gave me new perspective on a lot of things as I totally related with the author, and his faith journey. After reading it I kept in touch with Pastor Bob, but every time I went to pray to Allah I couldn’t.

At that point I was asking a lot of questions about my own faith as Muslim, knowing that everything I had learned wasn’t making any sense to me anymore. That scared me. I knew I wanted to be close to God, but I couldn’t pray in a language that I didn’t understand, and reading the Quran in the Arabic language (even with a translation) still didn’t make sense to me.

So I quickly got on my knees and said “God forgive me. I want to know you. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Please forgive my sin, Amen.”

In that moment, I felt a comfort. I knew that God heard me. But I was scared, knowing I went against all of my family and their beliefs.

Growing Faith

Still, I couldn’t wait to meet Pastor Bob the next Sunday and told him I’m ready to accept Jesus Christ in my life! Pastor Bob prayed and connected me with Anas Raja who is like older brother to me! Anas grew up as a Muslim just like me. We read through the Bible and I learned so much about God and his ways. My faith is growing!

Since then our family has been going to church regularly and on March 18, 2018 I was baptized in water as a follower of Jesus.

There has been healing in my life, faith and marriage.

I have found new life!

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Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Happily married to Jocelyn for 41 years. We have two adult sons, Cory and his wife Lynsey and their son Vinnie and daughter Jayda; Jean Marc and his wife Angie and their three daughters, Quinn, Lena and Annora. I love being a pastor and inspiring others through communicating, blogging, and coaching. I enjoy writing, running, reading, and ball hockey. I'm a fan of the Esks, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Pats. Follow me on Twitter @bobjones49ers


  • Jamie Lynn pruden says:

    This is very amazing!! What a journey for you and your family . Blessings to you and yours . It isn’t an easy situation , I’m sure , as I have a beautiful friend who is Muslim and married a man of Catholic faith . She told me of the difficulty she went through on her journey .
    Jesus paid the price for us , and there is so much comfort and peace and assurance knowing he sacrificed for us . God never promised us an easy life , but what a special time for you and your family . Blessings to you and yours on this amazing Journey . So happy for you

  • Brian Glover says:

    You are amazing and a man of great courage to take a huge leap of faith from your families faith to accepting Christ. Only great people could do that. God knows great people when he makes them, he also plants greatness inside to come out at the right time for His glory and you fulfilled that. Congratulations and welcome to His world. Your life has just begun. He has so much planned for you.

  • Marjorie Raddatz says:

    It is so encouraging to hear the stories of Muslims finding a relationship with Jesus. We need to pray for them each day because they pay a great price when the except Christ into their life.

  • Mohammed Tahir Nagiff says:

    Thank you so much guys!! I’m glad that God opened my eyes and I followed Jesus Christ. God is amazing. North point church is amazing too 🙂

    Thank you pastor Bob for everything !! May God bless you more and more

  • judy Brown says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! It is very encouraging for us who are sharing Jesus with Muslims. I pray for The Lord’s Guidance and Direction in your life and the lives of your family in every way. God bless you. With love and prayers, Judy

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