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“Holding Onto Hope” records the reflections of Nancy Guthrie, a mother whose daughter, Hope, passed away from Zellweger Syndrome in June 1999. Hope lived for 199 days. Nancy gave birth to Gabriel in July 2001 and he too was diagnosed with Zellweger’s and passed away 6 months later.

I echo Joni Eareckson Tada’s view of the book – “If you are stymied about God’s goodness amidst life’s heartaches, then this book is for you.”

Nancy’s book records her experiences contextualized around the experiences of Job. She subtitled her book, “A pathway of suffering to the heart of God.” She writes it to all who “feel their world is falling apart…hurt, and helpless and hopeless in the midst of loss.”

After Gabriel passed away Nancy wrote, “At this point, I’m not interested in going through the motions. I’m not interested in anything that is not real and relevant.”

I am inspired by Nancy’s transparency and honesty.  The hope she writes about is not wishful thinking and a way to “make everyone and everything feel better.”

You will learn:

1.  Jesus is real and relevant. “He is essential to having a genuine hope to hold onto when you have buried a son and a daughter that you love.”

QUESTION: Have you experienced loss? Nancy’s book is available through North Pointe. 780-452-5566 or online at Chapters.

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